Book Tag

    I got tagged by my old college roomie Melissa and since I'm not one to pass these things up, here goes. Here's how this tag specifically works:
    Find the book closest to you with at least 123 pages.
    Turn to page 123.
    Find the fifth sentence.
    Post the next 3 sentences.
    Tag 5 people.
    Also make a plug about a book you are reading.

    The closest books to me are on a book shelf all together. Hmmm, I just grabbed one of my favorites: Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis. Here are the three sentences from page 123:
    "I used to ask how on earth Faith can be a virtue- what is there mortal or immoral about believing or not believing a set of statements. Obviously, I used to say, a sane man accepts or rejects any statement, not because he wants or does not want to, but because the evidence seems to him good or bad. If he were mistaken about the goodness or badness of the evidence that would not mean he was a bad man, but only that he was not very clever."

    Here's a plug about the book I am currently reading- The Art of the Handwritten Note: A guide to reclaiming civilized communication. A great book I've been wanting to post about anyway:I love sending and receiving fun mail-especially a handwritten note. It's like getting a little present in the mail. This book is helping me polish my note writing skills and also making me regret the times I should have sent a handwritten note and didn't.

    If you feel so inclined, I tag: Shelley, Vanessa, Jessica, Autumn and Renee.Source URL:
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Lara Dutta on FNL Mag Cover

    Thinking Women’s Style icon is how latest issue of FNL (Fashion N Life) Magazine describe beauty queen with real style, Lara Dutta.Besides Lara Dutta Style spread on the magazine cover she is also doing some real life talking to let fans get more closer to her.
    This includes her life in regard to family, friends, modelling, being an actress and Love life. Lara Dutta is speaking out and to check all, grab the copy of this magazine. Here is view of cover shot

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Mod Podge: A Beautiful Thing


    Is anyone else overwhelmed by Etsy? I just discovered this great site:Esty-Love. They post cool stuff they find on Etsy so you don't have to look for it. Here are a couple fun finds I thought I'd pass along:

    I really like the ruffly collar on this shirt and I don't think it would be too hard to re-create. I think it's about time for me to learn to sew clothing. Shirt by Rose La Biche.

    I also like this pretty porcelain jewelry by Sofia Masri.

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Fun Envelopes

    Who wouldn't love to see a pretty little envelope like this amongst the boring bills and junk mail? Paper Source is a great resource for fun envelopes, stationary and all things paper. (It's also pretty easy to make your own using scrapbook or wrapping paper.)Source URL:
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    So this is my third post of the day and it's not even noon yet. BUT rest assured, the dishes are done, the laundry is folded and my children are dressed. I, on the other hand am still in my jammies but you can't have it all, right? This is an actual conversation I had with Jared yesterday regarding his upcoming 30th birthday. (I have no idea what to do!)

    Me: Jared, tell me what you want me to do for your birthday. Do you want a surprise?

    Jared: You want me to tell you if I want a surprise. Isn't that an oxymoron?

    Me: Just because you tell me you want a surprise doesn't mean you'll get one.

    Jared: Oh.

    Me: See, you never know. The surprise could be that there is no surprise.

    Silly Jared.Source URL:
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    I have been looking at these shoes from Crocs for awhile but I just might pull the trigger. I love comfortable. I love red. And I love mary janes. I'm thinking these could be a more polished version of my very comfortable, but not-so-stylish, tree-hugging Tevas. Any fashionistas out there have any thoughts?

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Mini Muscle Man

    Meet Romeo. The world's smallest body builder. (He's only 2 ft. 9 in. tall!)

    Jared found this article on-line last week and I assure you, it's for real. Click here for the whole story. (I'm assuming half of you reading this are very interested and the other half are really freaked out.)Source URL:
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Ode to Aldi

    I'd just like to give a shout out to my grocery store of choice: Aldi. (Pronounced "ALL-DEE") My sister introduced me to the store several years ago and I've been a big fan ever since. If you are not familiar with Aldi, I suggest you find one near you and start shopping there immediately. If for nothing else, at least go there for the basics...sugar, flour, canned goods, etc. The prices can't be beat! If you already shop at there, you get a high five from me. There is a special place in my heart for Aldi shoppers. It's not that I dislike you if you don't shop there, but I would probably like you better if you did.
    Here's what I love about Aldi (in no particular order):

    1. Incredible value everyday. Really. Where else can you find laundry detergent for $1.99?
    2. A quarter really saves you $$$! Here's how it works. You pay a quarter for a cart but when your shopping is finished you get the quarter back. It is shear genius! You save money because Aldi doesn't pay an employee to go round up the carts in the parking lot and they don't loose expensive grocery carts. An additional shopping carts taking up valueable parking spots and no dings in your car door. (I said no particular order, but I think this is probably my favorite thing.)
    3. The double guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with any product, they will replace the product AND issue a full refund.
    4. The store set up. It is small and un-intimidating. Going in to grab a few quick items is a piece of cake.
    5. The French Silk Pie. It rocks.

    I could go on, but I think the company website can explain it all better. Click here to learn more about "shopping smarter" at Aldi. And if you have something positive to say about Aldi, please leave a comment. (Unfortunately negative comments about Aldi are not permitted on this blog.)Source URL:
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Celebrities at Filmfare Awards

    Winners of 53rd Annual Filmfare Awards

    Best Actor

    Shahrukh Khan - Chak De India

    Best Actress

    Kareena Kapoor - Jab We Met

    Best Film

    Taare Zameen Par

    Best Director

    Aamir Khan - Taare Zameen Par

    ritics' Award For Best Actor

    Darsheel Safary - Taare Zameen Par

    Critics' Award For Best Actress

    Tabu - Cheeni Kum

    Critics' Award For Best Film

    Shimit Amin - Chak De India

    Best Actor in a Supporting Role (Male)

    Irrfan Khan - Life in a... Metro

    Best Actor in a Supporting Role (Female)

    Konkana Sen Sharma - Life in a... Metro

    Best Lyrics

    Prasoon Joshi - (Maa - Taare Zameen Par)

    Best Playback Singer (Male)

    Shaan - (Jab Se Tere Naina - Saawariya)

    Best Playback Singer (Female)

    Shreya Ghosal - (Barso Re - Guru)

    Best Music

    A. R. Rahman - Guru

    Best Story

    Amol Gupte - Taare Zameen Par

    Best Screenplay

    Anurag Basu - Life in a... Metro

    Best Dialogue

    Imtiaz Ali - Jab We Met

    R. D. Burman Award

    Monty Sharma (Saawariya)

    Lifetime Achievement Award

    Rishi Kapoor

    Power Awards

    Yash Chopra & Aditya Chopra

    Best Debut (Male)

    Ranbir Kapoor - Saawariya

    Best Debut (Female)

    Deepika Padukone - Om Shanti Om

    Best Special Effects

    Red Chillies Entertainment - Om Shanti Om

    Sony Head N Shoulders Fresh Face of the Year Award

    Deepika Padukone

    Best Background Score

    A. R. Rahman - Guru

    Best Editing

    Amitabh Shukla - Chak De India

    Best Choreography

    Saroj Khan (Barso Re Megha Re - Guru)

    Best Action

    Rob Miller - Chak De India

    Best Art Direction

    Samir Chanda - Guru

    Best Sound

    Leslie Fernandes - Johnny Gaddaar

    Best Cinematography

    Sudhip Chatterjee

    Best Costumes

    Sujata Sharma - Gandhi My Father

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So Close Yet So Far Away

    Bathroom update: we have can lighting, a new exhaust fan, new electrical outlets, a nice bright white ceiling, walls painted a refreshing light blue, a new light fixture and a mirror. (You can also see the dark brown sink base in the picture although it's technically not doing anything-just sitting there waiting to be set in place.) All that's left to do is hang the door, tile the floor, build the shelving where the closet used to be and touch up! We're getting close, which is good, because having our bathroom belongings strewn about the house and using the toilet in our cold, unfinished basement is getting old.Source URL:
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Fun Sheets

    I have been eyeing these fun lime polka dot sheets at Target for quite some time and now they are on sale for 50% off! Unfortunately they don't sell them in the size I need for my bed but that didn't stop me from buying a set. They were too cute and cheap to pass up! I might give them as a gift or I may just use the fabric for some other projects like a quilt, a slipcover or even an apron. In the meantime, I'm actually just enjoying them sitting on my counter all wrapped up and happy looking. (What is it about polka dots?)

    (I should mention these are only on sale in the store, not on-line, if you are interested.)Source URL:
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Kareena In International Vogue Look

    It was just a matter of time before Kareena was featured in Vogue and for her editorial spread, she had the choices designers' clothing, all from their Spring Summer 08 collections..the clothes are fabulous, she fantastic, and we, just a bit envious!
    Am just a bit in love with paint smeared Dolce and Gabbana. How fabulous is that?

    Dolce And Gabbana SS 2008

    Gucci SS 2008

    Emilio Pucci SS 2008

    Louis Vuitton SS 2008

    Hermes SS 2008

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