Tribal Tattoo Design - Stylish Tattoo Body Art

    Tribal Tattoo Design In Arm And Body

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    This tribal tattoo is one of those that could go around an arm, around a leg or go across the upper back or the small of someone’s back or on a person’s chest. Pretty much a person could wear this tattoo any way they wanted to. Now, there may or may not be a proper way that a tattoo like this is supposed to worn but I am almost sure that if you wanted to wear it in another way, you certainly could. Such is part of the fun of getting tattoos. You can do whatever you want with them and to hell with what anybody else thinks. This tribal tattoo seems to be either the image of a bar or a bird of some type. I am fairly certain that it is one or the other. If it is a bat then its meaning could be one of many. For Native Americans, the bat is a trickster spirit. For the people of the South Pacific it is a sacred animal, and in West African legend the bat is a symbol of a soul in flight. And the list goes on and on. The bat seems to have a different meaning in virtually every culture around the world. All in all, it is a very cool looking tribal tattoo.

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    In recent years tribal tattoos have enjoyed a revival of sorts. So much so that many people out side of the tribal world and who do not even have an understanding of tribal meanings behind the tattoos, are in fact getting them. And while this is viewed as a good thing, it would be thought of as better if the people knew the meaning of their tats. Or at least something of their history. The most basic tribal tattoo goes back to the traditions that mark a person as a member or nonmember of the local group, or a religious group, or certain spiritual beliefs and personal convictions. We all have a undeniable need to belong, and this is considered the most basic tribal need. Perhaps the biggest reason why the tribal tattoo has had such a strong resurgence lately is because tribal tattoos have a very simple appeal. People like the way they look. And they reinforce a positive feeling about a persons self and somehow connects them to an element of mystery and ancient activity. You can’t ask for much more than that out of a tattoo.

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Geisha Tattoo Art - Exotic Tattoo II

Geisha Tattoo Art - Exotic Tattoo

    Geisha Tattoo-Amazing And Exotic Tattoo Design

    Geisha can be translated into ‘artist’; geishas themselves are seen as some of the most exotic, graceful, sensual and talented artists in the world; and although they are one of many remarkable symbols, geisha tattoos have become one of the most popular pieces in Asian influenced body art.
    Many people like to use geisha tattoos that utilize the entire splendor of a traditional geisha or maiko (an apprentice whose appearance differs slightly from a full-fledged geisha). Thdse are generally done in a portrait style, and depict the elegant figure with a porcelain-white complexion; small, brightly colored and bow-like lips; brilliantly hued kimono and one of the four shimada hairstyles (most commonly a style called ‘momoware,’ which looks something like a divided peach, and bears a good deal of colorful ornamentation).
    The majority of geisha tattoos, however, take on the look of a pin up model. This style tends to exaggerate the feminine curves, red lips and vibrant trappings; it also plays off of the subtle sensuality that geishas are known for. For instance, it is not uncommon to see the geisha standing with her back turned to the on-looker, with a heavily painted face peering over her shoulder, neck partially painted and a shoulder exposed.
    Although less frequently used, you may occasionally see wood block geisha tattoos. These usually show a more elongated version — both in body and face — and her clothing may appear long and flowing. The colors are normally more subdued, and show the geisha in a traditional setting; for example, she may be dancing, playing a shamisan, or simply fanning herself demurely. For something a bit different, you could create a fantasy piece in the wood block style; for instance, the geisha could rise from the ocean, her robes combining with the waves; or her pale, painted face and a white, or light blue kimono could meld with a snowy mountain, with only the shocks of dark black hair, sensual eyes and bright reds lips standing out.
    Though there is no set definition to what geisha tattoos may symbolize, it is pretty easy to understand why some may see them as an emblem for elegance, striking beauty and hundreds of years of remarkable artistry.

    2010 geisha tattoo style for girl is something that is so uniquely mysterious about the Japanese culture that it has somehow both mystified as well as inspired the Western World today. From the rich history of the samurai warriors and the daimyos to the life under shoguns, the colorful culture of the Japanese is so far away from that of ours that it has the magical ability to draw us into it. This article deals with the exotic world of 2010 geisha tattoo style for girl and designs.

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    Contrary to popular western notions, the Japanese geisha is not generally a woman of ill repute. The word literally means “art person” and a geisha is a highly trained professional woman whose traditional occupation is to entertain men. Singing, dancing, playing music, knowledge of history and current events, the ability to make conversation and to create an atmosphere of relaxation and entertainment are the essential skills of the geisha. Skills specific to Japanese culture would include being able to perform the tea ceremony or perhaps even being skilled at flower arrangement or calligraphy.

    Geishas are immaculately and sumptuously dressed in ornate and expensive kimonos. Not a strand of hair is out of place, their white facial make-up is perfect. Their manners are not only impeccable but delicate and calm, in keeping with the ideals of feminine beauty that they embody.

    In modern Japan, geishas have been transformed into symbols of traditional values. In the west, the geisha has become a symbol of the exotic grace and beauty of the East.

    In this tattoo design, the wind has ruffled her kimono and set some pieces of paper loose, perhaps from the sheaf tucked near her arm.

    The wind has also loosed some petals of cherry blossoms which are beginning to swirl past her. They echo the cherry blossom design of the lower part of her kimono while the upper part makes use of the chrysanthemum. Both flowers are frequently used in Japanese art and in Japanese tattoos.

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