Hot girl: NISHA KOTHARI's profile

    Nisha Kothari is one of the upcoming Bollywood actresses with big banner and production houses under her belt.

    Nisha Kothari was born on 30th November, 1989 in Calcutta (now Kolkata) to a Marwari Jain family Her father is a chemical businessman, her mother a home-maker. Nisha is the youngest of two daughters. Her elder sister is married.

    Similar to Urmila Matondkar, Nisha Kothari has also caught the eye of Ram Gopal Verma and Ramu seems to be featuring her in most of his movies.

    Nisha Kothari's real name is Priyanka and she is well known as Amoha in south where she did her first film in Tamil and Telugu.

    As a child she grew up in Calcutta, but most of her teen years were spent in Delhi where the family re-located subsequently.

    Nisha Kothari has moved to New Delhi while in 10th standard and brought up in Delhi has a great passion for films.

    She grew up speaking English, Bengali, Rajasthani, and Hindi. She is the youngest one at home. Being the youngest one in the family, she was brought up in a very protective shell.Nisha Kothari got her degree in Chemistry at Delhi University at Dayal Singh College. Her dream of becoming an actress and tried to convince her parents and started doing modeling. After College, Kothari became a model and appeared in a few ads.

    She moved to Mumbai to pursue her dream in modeling and fortunately, in one occasion, she met actor Madhavan and showed him her photos. It is he who arranged an audition for her in Chennai, and she was signed for a Tamil movie titled Jay Jay during the year 2003 with screen name Amoha.

    She then appeared in another Telugu film Madhyanam Hatya (2004), in this film too, she was given the screen name Amoha. Her efforts fared well at box office and that resulted in many opportunities in Bollywood.

    Ram Gopal Varma approached and signed her for movies like James and Sarkar and subsequently for Sholay’s re-make Ram Gopal Varma Ki Aag. Sarkar was released first, so that became her debut Bollywood film.

    Nisha also acted in Kannada film Raaj with Puneet Rajkumar in 2009. She is featuring in Bengali movies also.

    Nisha Kothari is known mainly for her daring costumes and sexy item songs that have been popular to an extent.

    Nisha Kothari has already appeared in various movies including hits like “Sarkar”. Her other movies were not much successful at the box office but have given her enough exposure to make a name for self. Her other movies include Shiva, The Killer, Darna Zaroori hai, James.

    It is said that the actress is replacing Urmila Matondkar in Ram Gopal Varma’s group. There are many rumours linking Ram Gopal Varma and Nisha Kothari but both of them are denying the facts.

    Time will be a factor to relate Nisha Kothari and her success in the industry, although she has lots to promise to her fan club.

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